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Moving To Cloud 9. Nine Reasons To Switch Your Business To The Cloud

Moving To Cloud 9. Nine Reasons To Switch Your Business To The Cloud

What does it mean to take your business to the cloud? It will hopefully mean many great things for you, including flexibility, better security, and increased profits, to name a few. 

So, what is the cloud? Within the category of virtual desktop infrastructures, lies the cloud desktop. Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI’s) are computing models that employ centralized servers within a virtual machine to host desktop operating systems. Simply stated, your desktop will not be viewed in its traditional manner, that being a single, individually maintained device. Instead, the desktop will be totally available and maintained through its virtual host, also known as “the cloud”.

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Why should you consider making the switch?

1. Flexibility. You can work however and from wherever you choose. The information available on your desktop, including applications, files, and software can be accessed at any time and from any place where an internet connection is available. You’ll also have the ability to access your info from other devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

2. Easy collaborations. You can collaborate with customers and employees from wherever you are, eliminating the need for dedicated workstations. 

3. Unlimited growth potential. To create and sustain an efficient operation, you'll certainly want to implement the best business practices. To accomplish that, you will need proper tools in place to help you expand. Traditional business infrastructures can limit growth, whereas virtual desktop infrastructures promote your growth.

4. Increased productivity. With the ability to access your desktop from anywhere, your employees can maintain effortless version control and will collaborate with ease. They will be able to work smarter, eliminating redundancy and wasted time.

5. Energy savings. Running multiple devices requires a lot of energy and can be expensive. A virtual desktop can decrease energy usage by 97%, providing a yearly savings of $200 plus dollars, per device. 

6. Profit increase. Your time is priceless and having more free time to focus on your business can lead to increased profits. Considering the amount of time and money you’ve likely spent keeping up with the demands of using hardware to manage your business, moving to the cloud can really be the time and cost saver you need. 

7. Eliminate computer replacements. Your computer will no longer be responsible for actual computing, so poor desktop performance and system crashes will be a thing of the past. As a result, your computer will always be like new!

8. Minimize IT needs. With a virtual desktop, updates, computing, and other tasks are performed virtually. The cloud is incredibly reliable in that it will utilize and maintain the most recent software, etc. for all devices. 

9. Optimal security. Hardware creates vulnerable systems and as a result, viruses are easy to get. With the cloud, data will always be backed up and the company you work with to set up your virtual desktop will be able to explain security features that only the cloud provides. 

Hope all goes well!

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