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Happiness At Work. 4 Simple Tips To Get You Smiling

Happiness At Work. 4 Simple Tips To Get You Smiling

It’s been a long week already and you probably often wonder when the hell the weeks will start to feel easier to get through. You just wanna be happy at work for Pete’s sake and you know what? You certainly aren’t asking for too much. Aside from changing the way you view your weeks, days, and hours (i.e. positive thinking), to get to that happy place even faster, there are a few additional things you can begin today.

One. Develop a desire to learn. If you haven’t already, work toward creating the desire to learn … to always learn. You may be amazing at what you do, but there is always room for growth. Remaining open to that growth and accepting challenges will build your confidence and make you feel super proud (but not cocky, I hope!). 

Two. Create a strong personal life. It starts at home when you wake up every day and ends when you close your eyes at night. When it comes to your professional life, the way you spend your time outside the office is just as important as the time spent inside. It is incredibly important to enjoy your personal life and even more important to actually take whatever steps are necessary to reach that enjoyment. “Failing to address your satisfaction in one area can cause a self-perpetuating spiral; dissatisfaction at home leads to dissatisfaction at work, which leads to even more stress at home.” And, from there, the cycle will only continue.

Good day

Three. Track your progress daily. Keep track of your progress every day. Setting goals and seeing our daily progress toward reaching those goals produces positive emotions and a greater sense of overall satisfaction. Both lead to an increase in motivation, which inevitably goes right back to satisfaction. If you are motivated, you will get more done, and if you are getting more done, you will feel satisfied … no, AMAZING! 

Four. Look forward. Find something to look forward to every day at work. It doesn’t have to be anything huge like a vacation or a big salary bump, but even just looking forward to trying out the new Bento Box holding your lunch can be enough if you allow it to be :) Whatever it is, just look forward to it. We all know when there is something to look forward to, we tend to feel and act so much better!

Smile … you’re doing great! 

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